A shemale (shemale) wrote in guess_the_sex,
A shemale

So here are the answers to my last post:

These photos are both of me. I am a shemale. I figured the phrase would be appropriate to use here, since that's how the community refers to trans women (which I also identify as) in the user info page and since I have no problem identifying with the word (I kind of like it, even, and think it fits me), in spite of the fact that there are a whole lot of trans women who find it derogatory.

The one on the left is a more recent photograph of myself and the one on the right is myself before I transitioned at the age of sixteen or seventeen when I was still living as a guy.
What I found interesting is that everyone (god damn it) guessed "boy" for the one on the left and half of the people guessed "girl" for the one on the right.
What gives, guess_the_sex??

This one is Amanda Milan.
She was a beautiful trans woman who lived in NYC before Dwayne McCuller discovered that she was trans and stabbed her in the throat before running off, leaving her to die on the pavement in a pool of her own blood as onlookers did nothing to help her because she was Black and transsexual, to paraphrase her friend Octavia St. Laurent (link to a Salon.com article with a title that wants to be clever but fails miserably).

(Warning, some links are not safe for work or people under 18)
This is Buck Angel. He's a trans man and porn star, or, to use his phrase, "a dude with a pussy."
His NSFW webpage is here, his NSFW gallery is here, and his NSFW fan site is here.

This is Ignacio Rivera. From his site:
"He is a Black Baricua, Trans Multi-gender queer [here is a similar, but not identical, identity, to be used as a point of reference], economic and racial justice activist/performance artist... born and raised in Brooklyn, NY."

Also, he is hot. But that's just, like, my opinion.
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And thank you :)
Usually in this community we get posts that all very similar.
It's nice to have something different for a change,
although your answers did throw me off.
And I agree, you are extremely gorgeous.

Thanks :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Just out of curiosity, what about the answers threw you off?
Well usually we get the same old feminine Japanese rock musician whom I usually know. It was nice to have something new.
Oh, yeah, I noticed that.


10 years ago


10 years ago

I think people guessed that way because they're expecting the posts to try to fool them, so if a pic looks more male than female they'll guess female because of the nature of the community. if the posters threw in more cisgendered people here and there people would start to guess differently and more based on what they really thought.
Ahh that makes sense.
Wow. You are all four beautiful. Seriously. Being a pansexual, I really enjoyed it...alot.
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
And thank you!
I'm friending you. I read through your profile and I like what you have to say. Hope you don't mind the stalkerage. ;)
'k. Added back :D
Wow... I do agree that Ignacio is pretty hot, but honestly out of all of the pictures, I find your most recent one to be the most attractive. You have the perfect balance of androgyny, which is pretty amazing. If I weren't already in a relationship, I'd probably have a bit of a crush o.o
Count me as one of the people who despises the word 'shemale' as a descriptive term.

To me it's a word that is as negatively charged as the n-word, and for the same reasons. That word was coined in 1979 by our emeny Janice Raymond to demonize us, and was later picked up by the adult entertainment industry.

The TransGriot

Oh hi!!

You know, I think that I should definitely have given a lot more info on the negative history of the word than I did and stated that it's not okay for non-trans people to use it. I really only participated in this LJ community because I wanted to give a little information about trans people to a bunch of non-trans folks who are only using this thing because they have tranny fetishes and want other non-trans people who feel the same way to sit around with and exoticize us and I was in a rush so I forgot to talk about certain things :(

The reason I use "shemale" the way I do is because I like to take the nasty shit people have said to me and either "wear it" or mock it because it takes away the sting it had for me in the first place.
The word "shemale" was, on a more personal level, used to threaten me when I was eighteen or nineteen and working at a Dunkin' Donuts on the night shift by myself and a group of fourteen or fifteen teenage boys maybe a year or two younger than me came in and started tossing shit (e.g., chairs and drinks) around. I was going to get bashed, but the police showed up (for coffee and donuts, ha ha surprise) and they ran (only time in my life I've been happy to see police).

So my using it is a way of preempting the people who would want to hurt me and other trans people, particularly trans women, with it. And a way of making myself feel less vulnerable. It just works for me.

I don't think that there's any way to change it and make it something that has no negative connotations in the way "queer" has been taken back; it, like "faggot," will probably always have a sting to it. But as I've said (ad nauseum at this point :x ) this takes a little of the sting out of it for me.

Sorry for the tl;dr!