A shemale (shemale) wrote in guess_the_sex,
A shemale

So here are the answers to my last post:

These photos are both of me. I am a shemale. I figured the phrase would be appropriate to use here, since that's how the community refers to trans women (which I also identify as) in the user info page and since I have no problem identifying with the word (I kind of like it, even, and think it fits me), in spite of the fact that there are a whole lot of trans women who find it derogatory.

The one on the left is a more recent photograph of myself and the one on the right is myself before I transitioned at the age of sixteen or seventeen when I was still living as a guy.
What I found interesting is that everyone (god damn it) guessed "boy" for the one on the left and half of the people guessed "girl" for the one on the right.
What gives, guess_the_sex??

This one is Amanda Milan.
She was a beautiful trans woman who lived in NYC before Dwayne McCuller discovered that she was trans and stabbed her in the throat before running off, leaving her to die on the pavement in a pool of her own blood as onlookers did nothing to help her because she was Black and transsexual, to paraphrase her friend Octavia St. Laurent (link to a Salon.com article with a title that wants to be clever but fails miserably).

(Warning, some links are not safe for work or people under 18)
This is Buck Angel. He's a trans man and porn star, or, to use his phrase, "a dude with a pussy."
His NSFW webpage is here, his NSFW gallery is here, and his NSFW fan site is here.

This is Ignacio Rivera. From his site:
"He is a Black Baricua, Trans Multi-gender queer [here is a similar, but not identical, identity, to be used as a point of reference], economic and racial justice activist/performance artist... born and raised in Brooklyn, NY."

Also, he is hot. But that's just, like, my opinion.
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